Monday, January 25, 2010

Beware With The '07 Flechas de Los Andes Gran Malbec

This is the kind of wine that it's available pretty much everywhere in the internet and, for example, at my Costco warehouse in Marina del Rey, CA. And because I don't want you to throw your money away (at Costco is less than U$ 15.00) or end up hating the wine, let's leave a couple of things clear about this malbec (which goes hand in hand with the previous post about decanting).

"Flechas de Los Andes' 2007 Gran Malbec spent 14 months in 33% new French oak, 33% second fill French oak, and 34% in stainless steel. Opaque purple-colored, it reveals a brooding bouquet of cedar, espresso, violets, and black cherry. Medium- to full-bodied, on the palate it borders on opulence, with layers of succulent fruit, a smooth texture, spicy flavors, and a lengthy finish. It admirably combines power and elegance. It also over delivers in a very big way. "
92 Points - Robert Parker's Wine Advocate

What Parker's reviewers don't tell you if you read their notes at your local wine store, is this wine definitely needs decanting, and lots, lots of air if you are intending to uncork the bottle tonight. Look at what other people are saying:
This is one of those wines that takes a long time to become ready. This is a young wine that clearly in need of time and/or air. The nose on this dark garnet to black colored wine is screaming hot initially, after the heat dissipates, ripe plum, cherry, and cranberry fruit comes through, along with spice and pepper...
... However, once it gulps in enough air, like an oxygen starved diver, the wine turns into a balanced and mouth coating wine with cranberry, plum, and cherry flavors. The mid palate is still tannic, but not over the top, with balanced acidity, and mounds of spice. The finish is long and lingers on the palate after the wine is gone, with a cloud of dense cigar smoke, residual tannins, ripe plums, and distinct spice notes. Please, please open the bottle (...), and allow this wine to breathe for a good many hours. Otherwise, decant it and enjoy in a couple of hours. Either way, this wine can handle about anything you throw at it. This wine will not win an award for elegance or style. It is more of a leather bound brute, with an initial harsh attitude, that turns into a sweet smile... (Link)
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From Cellartracker reviewers:

Tasted by sonofabacchus on 1/22/2010 & rated 91 points: It was fifteen bucks at the local Costco. I liked the Gran Corte, so I broke with the system and bought 3 bottles instead of the normal single last week. It is a very nice dinner wine. The tannins are a little stiff, but I like that. I do not agree at all with the drinking window listed for this one. I think those who buy this and cellar it properly for a couple years will be richly rewarded. I am back to the "warehouse" for one or two more cases in the morning. This should enter my dinner rotation as well as my short-term cellaring. I preferred it to the ridiculously more popular Norton offering. I give this a 91 now. It will be a 92-93 if the dominoes fall right in the cellar. People who are not drinking and buying Argentine now are completely missing the best ride at the fair.
Tasted by PrinceLightfoot on 12/7/2009 & rated 91 points: Served with beef short ribs braised in anchos and chipotles over roasted garlic mashed potatoes. A great match for that mouthful. As others have noted, the first glass is a little hot, but this wine opens up with a nice mouthfull of fruit and a solid finish, even when chasing the fat of the ribs.
Pretty clear. Be sure you pair it with asado de tira (short ribs with the bone), flank steak, New York steak, or a rich piece of lamb.



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