Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Pascual Toso Malbec Rosé 2008

There is nothing left... My whole case is gone!
A serious, robust, vibrant but at the same time very easy to drink rosé wine from the Maipú District in Mendoza made with 100% malbec.

It is the kind of wine that you could drink and afford to have in the Thanksgiving table (it is going for less than U$ 10). This has solid fruit, all ripe and rich, an unmistakable "food wine" which will accompany an array of choices for the holidays.  The colour is a somehow dark strawberry red, with an aroma of plums and the taste of strawberry, rhubarb and dark red fruits. Amazing acidity, creamy and full bodied. At the mouth all of these combinations give an intense and refreshing taste.

I would not be afraid to pair this wine with just about anything. It was the talk of a barbecue party last weekend, with my friend begging me to get him some bottles. Women and men alike loved it. 
I was struck by the lingering and refreshing aftertaste. Not easy to get in a rosé wine at this price level.
Pascual Toso keeps delivering quality with very affordable prices.


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Very good wine, I think this is a very good thing in order to spending an excellent diner with my loved girl.

jennifersign said...

Great wine. I tried this Malbec Wine not too long ago and can't stop enjoying it. It's delicious and affordable.